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Wallet four deceit lenses with high concealment
2013-11-15 17:35
You are a person that likes to play deceit games, and you will choose what product as your weapon. This is a wallet four deceit lenses for you. It could bring you more benefit and win money in a concealment place.

This wallet four deceit lenses are different from old lenses because you could see single deceit lens or double lenses before. And the scanning range could reach 60 meters away. We set them inside a wallet and they are very small that no one will find them at all. When users use them to play poker deceit, they will move automatically to scan poker cards, they don’t need to people to control and this will reduce much risk. There is another problem, our wallet lenses could used any poker analyzers in the market.

To use wallet four deceits lenses sure very safe and have no any difficulty at all. When you use it, you could feel the amazing effect it brings you. There is no noise. 
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