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How to use program mahjong deceit table rightly
2013-12-10 14:12
We can know that many Southeast Asian like to play mahjong games and Paigow, and most of them want to win much money, our company try our best to produce these poker deceit devices that could be used for playing these games. Here we will introduce you the program mahjong deceit table.

The program mahjong deceit table leads the trend of cheating products on the market. Our company have optimized disadvantages of the old program mahjong deceit table and changed the speed of washing mahjong. The time is the same of the normal mahjong. There are also many kinds of methods for you to make the program work, you could use cell phone, remote controller and an IC cards. There is also have a function that could check the machine has trouble or not automatically.

Program mahjong deceit table could bring you many different kinds of types of mahjong, it work automatically and no matter where you sit, you could get the best type of mahjong.
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