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ADD:Baiyun District, Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province, PRC


2013-04-22 18:14
  Many people like wear contact lens, to make the eyes being beautiful. I will introduce an other kind of contact lens. This kind of contact lens is used for recognizing marked poker cards.
   Cards are marked by special ink. We can not see them by our eyes only. We should wear special sunglasses or contact lenses to look at. These sunglasses or contact lenses are processed by us. When you wear, you will see the marks clearly on the back of the poker cards.
   Invisible contact lens just used for this card. It can not see through ordinary cards. It can not seen by others because its color is the same as your eyes. So that we call it invisible contact lens.
   We have different kinds of invisible contact lens, blue, brown,red...and different sizes of them, 3mm,7mm,9mm... and also we have different quality level of them. The better, the more comfortable.
   You can have a look at our products on picture and know how it works. You can wear this contact lens to play all card game you want, for example, Texas hold'em poker, Omaha poker, can see the suits and points on every poker card, so that before you bet, you will know them clearly.
   You can order them through our sale staff, they will introduce more, thank you!
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