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2013-04-23 18:34
  Spy camera is widely used in poker cheating and gambling. Some casino allows you put something on table, such as cell phone, cup, cigarette case, lighter...spy camera maybe fixed in these tools while you can not see. Also, we have spy camera hidden in other different things such as cloth, bottom...
   What about spy camera used for? Of cause for poker cheating. We have spy camera for edge marked cards, and spy camera for back marked cards, and spy camera for ordinary cards. Different camera for different cards. When you use a spy camera for edge marked cards, you can put the cards far about from 10 to 80cm, and 15 to 60cm wide. If you fix the spy camera in drinking fountains, it can reach 2 to 3 meters. But the long distance one should be operated by the second person. It's adjustable, you can move the lens from left to right, and from up to down, from far to near by remote. So that you can put the poker in a wide range.
    The spy camera is one of today's most common piece of spy equipment, if you need a spy camera for gambling, spy cameras are one of our specialities. Spy cameras come both wired and wireless. The wired spy camera is the most difficult to install but offers the best solution or long term use. The wired spy cameras  can be concealed in many household items and the full range of these can be found on our wired spy camera page. The wireless spy camera offers the ultimate in portability and ease of use although wireless spy cameras are often governed by battery life unless a mains supply can be used.
    For more information, you can contact with our sale staff. We believe that use this kind of device, you can manage the gamble easily.
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