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One to one IR sunglass cheat poker game with marked cards
2014-02-12 17:13
The ink to use for sunglasses is one to one ink, and it can make sure the life of sunglasses. You can use these one to one IR sunglasses under any kinds of lights and you just need to wear them to see marked poker cards.

You must know the famous contact lenses for a long time and many people use them together with marked cards. But the one to one IR sunglasses are the same to see marked cards. The meaning of one to one is that if other people wear the same sunglasses, they can see your marked cards. Only your sunglasses can do that. As the widely using of poker cheats products, you don’t know who will use the same product with you, so that it is very safe to use it.

People want to know what poker cards in the hand of other people. This idea is not ideal. Our company has a product that can help you to know your partners have what poker cards. This new product is one to one IR sunglasses. It has the same functions to let you see marks on the back of marked cards.
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