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2013-04-23 18:35
  Poker cards players love poker card tricks. Some one may want to learn some tricks from somebody. And our company can offer you how to do this from easy card tricks to hard. This kind of card trick is very suit for playing cards with your friends or in a magic show.
   Take ACES FROM THE POCKET for example: The performer invites a spectator to shuffle thoroughly and cut the cards. When the pack is handed back to the performer, he places the pack in his coat pocket, and mentions that he is going to attempt to find the four aces while the pack is in his pocket. He puts his hand into his pocket, and after quite a bit of fumbling, produces one of the aces. This is continued until all four aces are produced by the performer.
   Then the secret: This trick is merely a bold maneuver on the part of the performer, who has already taken the aces out of the pack and placed them in his pocket. After the deck has been shuffled and cut, it is placed into the pocket alongside the four aces.
  To be more convincing, this should be done after another trick. A good one to follow this with would be “calling the cards”.
  Is it very easy? Yes, this is very easy for everyone to learn. If you want to learn more about this, you should come here to study. We will teach you something useful to you. Good luck.
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