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ADD:Baiyun District, Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province, PRC


2013-04-23 18:36
  Some of you may have various of cheating device. And these devices should match the marked cards. You may but the cards from the trade man, I think it is very expensive, and the quality is not so good as your expect. Where to buy marked cards may become a problem that always trouble you.
   Don't worry, come to EYE electronic. We not only sell cheating device, but also marked cards. We can offer you edge marked cards for analyzer, back marked cards for contact lenses, back marked cards for camera lenses... we have our own factory to produce these things, you need only tell us your require, and we can do just for you.
   Some playing cards are forbidden to sell in China, so that if you want to do mark on your own cards, you should send us the cards. We can do mark both on plastic and paper cards by automatic machine. The more you order, the cheaper we will offer you.
   visit our website, you will know more about us.
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