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More about poker analyzer
2014-02-21 17:50
Poker analyzer will let you win when you are playing casino cheating games. And some people don’t know this product because they have not used them. That is good news for you to know them here.

We will explain you the features of this poker analyzer in the following.
1. Put the earpiece in your ear, and set up the suitable position of receiver
2. Set up the number of players in 2nd Single Operation Poke Automatic 3.Analyzer, and then put it in pocket
4. Put the hidden lens on mobile in suitable direction and then aim at. If so, the analyzer will report the points and flowers of all the players through the 5.wireless earpiece when it finishes analyzing
6. You can move the lens to anywhere you want, but they are for close range, effect range is 30cm-60cm. The lens is used to scan the Playing Cards, clearly and fast.

But if you want to know more information, you can call us. Our company will provide you the good poker cheat products for helping you win money quickly.
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