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the hottest cell phone Hidden Lens
2014-02-24 17:36
The hottest product is the cell phone Hidden Lens. It’s a high-tech product .More and more people like to use it by now.

This hidden lens in phone could single be operated, no need cooperation, reporting voice automatically, and fast speed. You can move the lens in your device to anywhere you want, but they are for close range, effect range is 20cm - 70cm. The lenses are used to scan the playing cards, clearly and fastly. This product is simple, small and exquisite, beautiful and practical, easy to carry.

Working procedures:
1. Put wireless earphone in ear.
2. Set up the numbers of player in poker analyzer, then put it in your pocket.
3. Adjust the exact place between the infrared camera and pokers. In 0.3 second, the analyzer will
Report the biggest winner and second hand players through the wireless earphones.

1. Supports all the poker playing games: Texas Hold'em poker cheats. Omaha Poker, Blackjack, Mau Mau etc.
2.Single person operation, no need any other partner.
3. Easy to carry and set up the number of players and code of each game.
4. Report automatically and high speed.
5. without the limitation of occasions and distance.

We wish this hidden lens could win and buy these cell phone hidden lenses to ensure their definite winning in the future. After showing it to customers, they will trust the price is reasonable for this quality.
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