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pay attention when you are using poker analyzer
2014-02-24 17:54
Texas Hold'em analyzer program uses only 52 cards, do not use the joker card, the game starts each player is issued two cards face down, as the player's "cards" is unique for each individual player cards only in the "fight card" when opened, so do not be regarded as a Texas Hold'em poker game for license renewal.

How it works:
1. Put wireless earphone in your ear.
2. Set up the games with poker analyzer, and then hide in pocket or somewhere.
3. Adjust the distance between the infrared camera and pokers. In 0.3 second, the analyzer will report the ranks through the wireless earphone.
This information many help you in playing poker games. In order to prevent others perceive, you need more practice .In this way,you are more safe when you are using poker analyzer.
Poker analyzer is the most useful one on playing poker games and we have upgraded the poker analyzer as the customer’s need.
Poker analyzer looks like a mobile and it only need 0.3 second to tell the result before you begin the game. It is easy to help you decide whether to continue or give up the games. Support for all poker games: Omaha poker games, sanaba games, rummy games, Blackjack, Omaha Poker, taxes hold'em poker...

If you have any questions about the purchase welcomed the Advisory!
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