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6 mm UV contact lenses
2014-02-24 18:01
UV contact lenses are not easily to be found after you wear them to win money in casino game. You can see 4 mm UV contact lenses, 6.5mm UV contact lenses and 9 mm UV contact lenses in our company.

These UV contact lenses are new on the market of card tricks. Thanks to this invention can see the marks that were made ​​special invisible ink on shirts playing cards. Contact lenses with UV filter made ​​of the best medical supplies that you can wear them for a long time without the need to rest the eyes.

Detect them without special ophthalmologic equipment virtually impossible – the opaque portion of the UV filter lenses each measuring 6 mm, which is slightly more than the pupil. As already mentioned, through the use of high-quality medical supplies, you will not experience discomfort during extended wear, the lenses will be put on and removed in one easy motion, and your eyes will retain its natural color. When stored properly, the life of a set – 1year.

Have you used UV contact lenses for playing poker games? UV contact lenses and back marked cards can help you win and they are not easily be found by other people. You can buy these products from our company. They are really useful and safe.
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