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different version of poker cheating analyzer
2014-02-26 11:20
There are some people requires for poker cheating analyzer, but they may in different countries. In order to satisfy different requires of customers, we provide our product with multi-language version, including English, France, Rusia etc .The original language version is English .If you need other version, please book in advance.

AKK poker cheating analyzer, it can be operated by one person, our newest portable Texas hold’em poker cheating analyzer system can predict the first and the second winners in the game ,even the rank of all player before dealing the cards .within one second ,you can get the outcome through the stealth  earpiece telling you in English. It can be controlled by single person, no need of computer or partners .This accuracy of the system is 100% .the whole set of equipment is portable.

AKK poker cheating analyzer could be used in many kinds of poker playing, such as Texas hold’em, Omaha, baccarat, etc.and AKK poker cheating analyzer could also be made in anything you want. Such as wallet, lighter, even some big things, such as table, Dispenser. Anywhere you want. The different sizes of subjects have different effect distance .the bigger object has a longer effect distance.
If you are interested in our poker cheating analyzer, you can send email to us, and we are looking forward to you requiry.
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