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Do you like to use Fournier No.12 marked cards
2014-02-26 17:43
We know the Fournier 2800 marked cards and the Fournier 2810 marked cards. There are Fournier No.12 marked cards you can buy from our company. As you know these marked cards are really good for playing poker cheating games.

FourNo.12 marked cards features:
1. Color pattern on the back of cards: red and blue.
2. Fournier No.12 small index, paper material
3. Contains 40/50 cards
4. Package also contains a card to certify the guarantee
5. Card size: 61*95 mm
There are two ways to process the Fournier NO.12 marked cards.
Red cards: marked with big font in the middle or small fonts in 4 corners. (White or black marks)
Blue cards: marked with big font in the middle (white mark)
Actually, the performance of the red cards can be better than the blue ones.

There are many features you could know about the Fournier No.12 marked cards from here. And you can buy other poker cheating devices. Marked cards and IR contact lenses are useful for gamblers
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