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ultra-Luminous sunglasses
2014-03-03 17:54
We often use sunglasses and it can protect our eyes to prevent UV hurt. Sunglasses also can use in poker cheating when you are playing poker games.

The ultra-Luminous sunglasses and the luminous enhancing sunglasses both look like normal sunglasses while they are being worn. But, the ultra-Luminous sunglasses may be tossed on the table or lifted on your forehead and they look perfectly normal. On the other had, the Luminous enhancing sunglasses must be worn all the time or switched (in your pocket, lap or bathroom) for the duplicate un-gimmicked pair if you need to take them off and lay them down. In addition, since the two technologies are different, even though they are related, the sunglasses are not interchangeable because they use different filters, solutions and daub/dust.

Due to the high price of this product and since it is hand manufactured by our inventor. Please contact us directly to work out the details of the sale.

If you need an ultra-luminous sunglasses, please call us or send email to us, we will give you a reasonable price for the newest product.
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