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newest dice cheat system
2014-03-03 18:01
There are many people like to play dice, when they playing in the club or friends get together, they like to play dice. Now I will tell you that it’s easy to control the dice with our dice cheat system.

The circuit card is installed under the table, chair or in the table. But using the remote control, you could control the point of yourself and others freely in 20 meters even there is a wall or a person.1: To use the remote control dice, set the switch to open, playing into is an open, pop-up to be closed.2: The desktop can standby for 7-8 hours with full charge.3: When the desktop have runned out of power, charging time is 2-3 hours.4: The distance from the remote control from the desktop can be spaced about 20 meters

Our dice cheat system is easy to be used and it will help you win in the game. This must be good news for people who like play dice.
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