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poker cheating software
2014-03-04 16:55
Do you think poker cheating software is Magic for you? When you know how the poker cheating software works, you will think it’s easy for you to control.This system no need any marked cards, any card is ok.

Used for:
Private poker gambling;
Party gambling;
Private casino;
Poker match;
Magic show.

1, Poker Software,
2, Poker Software Machine
3, Phone Display
4, Remote control
5, Transmitter

How to use:
1. Put your cards (Normal cards) in poker shuffler machine. After Shuffler the cards, all cards will display on the screen with all the numbers and Ten, Jack, Queen King all shows 0.
2. You can see the cards for host and player, Like 8045, it means: player: 8+4 and host have 0+5, and also the system will give you result of winner for each ground.
3. You could use the remote controller to choose which display, computer or the phone.

This poker cheating software can tell you the result of every turn before the game begins, which needs one-two people to cooperate and easy to operate. The cards don’t need to be marked and you could choose any one.
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