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how to be a master when playing marked cards
2014-03-04 17:37
Many people like to play poker games and they may very cunning. You should very careful when you using marked cards.

Whenever you play with someone new, you‘d better sure to watch them shuffle and deal, and make sure they offer a cut to the person to their right--you should never let the dealer cut his own shuffle. Also, if you're worried about bottom dealing you can use a cut card like you said--a joker, or even better one of the plastic cut cards like they use in casinos.

To a trained eye, the second and third shuffle both look fake and the first one looks fishy. You would question it, but since when you play, the person to the dealer's left gets to cut, it wouldn't really make all that much of a difference if you stacked the deck. Also, there's another false shuffle that looks a lot like the standard overhand shuffle that people are used to. You don't remember what it's called. and you will look for it to see if you can't link it. Basically, what you do is pull from the back of the deck, and brings it over the top. Use the thumb of the hand holding the deck to start with to shift take the first card....I'm not explaining it well. Maybe you will do an instructable if you can't find anything good on it. It requires practice.

Nobody could be a master without practice, so trust yourself and do more practice. Marked cards will help you to be a winner.
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