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high-tech poker cheating software
2014-03-05 17:22
You may interest in how poker cheating device worked, the answer is poker cheat software. Now you will think is easy to understand.

Poker cheat software like poker crusher works by collecting information from hand histories and storing it in a massive database. This information is used in conjunction with odds calculation to allow players to make “reads” on their opponents based on the information the software provides. Poker cheat software also allows you to target losing players and sit at the weakest tables possible.

How do the software operators get the information about the other players?
This is done through a process called “Data mining” where massive amounts of hand histories are collected from various poker sites and stored in a database. For example, poker crusher software allows you to get real-time data on over 3.5 million online players.

Some customer will ask is using poker software really cheating.

Many people consider the “data mining” done by the proprietors of the software to be unethical, as it gives users access to information about a player they otherwise would not know. Well, however unethical it may be, poker cheat software like this is not going anywhere. And if you can’t beat them, join them.

Now you know how poker cheating software works, this may help you win when you are use poker cheating device.
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