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Long sleeve camera lenses is very different
2014-03-05 17:45
There are many other poker camera lenses you could buy from here, such as lighter camera lenses, water bottle camera lenses, cell phone camera lenses, watch camera lenses, car key camera lenses and so on. All these camera lenses are qualified and you can use them without worry.

Long sleeve camera lens make use of high definition pin hole camera lens and analyze poker cards for a seconds. It also use induction button that you can open or close it you want. The operation is vey simple and it is not necessary for you to put any thing on the table. No matter what kind of position of poker cards, our products also could scan them. And that it can also use with poker analyzers. Our products are not strict of places and light.

Long sleeve camera lenses can scan edged marked cards for you. When you use these long sleeve camera lenses, you don’t need to put something on the table and then you can know the accurate result quickly.
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