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3D marked cards is a magic show in poker cheating
2014-03-06 17:51
When you are a child you think magic is fantastic, you can’t believe your eyes, this few years the 3D film also very hot, 3D soon used in marked cards. 3D marked card, Perhaps these cards could have been included under the Cards Marked by Manufacturers heading.

These cards are marked with large letters and numbers across their backs. To view them you have to stare at them by diverging your eyes and refocusing on the hidden image. Once you manage to refocus on the hidden image the markings will look three dimensional. The cards bear a repeating pattern that has been encoded with a hidden image. Such patterns are scientifically called Single Image Random Dot Stereogram. The same principle is used in Magic Eye™ stereogram which became popular in the early 1990s. The idea is of course much older. In fact, in the 1960s extensive research of random dot stereogram was conducted by Dr. Bella Jules. If you are interested in this science you may want to visit your local book store.

The card on the screen is the Ace of clubs. To view it just stare at it for awhile and allow your eyes to wonder apart until they start to focus onto the deep image. You soon should be able to see a large "A" and a "Club" icon next to it. This mark is on the upper third of the card and is repeated on the bottom third (flipped).

Since it takes a long time to focus onto the hidden image these cards are not at all practical for cheating. A cheat has to read the backs fast without arousing suspicion. Another reason why they can't be used in a serious game is because they don't even look like real cards. This is a novelty product and this is really what they are used for. Just for fun! Interestingly enough, these cards do not pass the riffle test because every single card has a different computer-generated random dot pattern.

This must be the funniest marked cards in the word, and we have many kinds of marked cards, you could see the marked cards in our website, custom the marked cards also could be satisfied.
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