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Induction poker chip analyzer with special marked card
2014-03-10 17:35
Induction poker chip analyzer is a use induction program, which is installed in the sensor chip cards, and through a receiver that the same size as a cigarette box, and then report the putout through a wireless headset, this product is launched in 2010, may 1 last year, received the majority repercussions when we listed this induction poker chip analyzer, but because of complicate processing, not all the poker can custom.

Hard configuration:
1, Nokia, Samsung or Sony Ericsson Mobile phone
2, mini-earpieces
3, marked cards
In order to satisfy different requirements of customers, we provide our product with multi-language version, including English, French, Russian, German, Japanese, Portuguese, Romanian, etc. The original language version is English. If you need other versions, please book in advance.
We are aim at custom this Induction poker chip analyzer to poker industry, Such as Omaha and Texas hold’em poker game. you can put the cigarettes box and the mainframe into you pocket, and circle the line which thin as a tiny hair through you arm, and there is a card with the size of the sensor chip links, placed on the wrist, the card is very thin, people can not find and touch, you can also wear to the foot, because when our engineers designed in full accordance with the actual design of some of the details card, you can sense what others cards within about 25 cm away. This can also be put in the table, when dealing you can directly know what the number and suit, but it need people who have a very brilliant memory.
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