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ADD:Baiyun District, Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province, PRC


2013-04-24 18:23
  A firend asked me how to cheat at dices when a cup covered on. He alway gambling in casino or bet with friends using dices to guess odd and even. He said that if just to guess, it is hard to win.
   I send him a cup scanner for dices. This cup is made up of china or stainless . We fixed a mini spy pin hole camera into it, and seal with the same meteria. There also have remote and monitor cell phone. When gambler put the dice on the table, cover the cup. You only need to press the remote ON, and the cell phone monitor will let you see the dices in the cup clearly. By using this, he was so excited that helped him a lot.
   It is a real cup. No body will doubt on it. You can watch it by cell phone monitor far from 3 meters, no need to near the table. And the battery will last for about 3 hours, so you have enough time to manage your gambling.
   You can also see the product from our website product on dices. If you have any question or want for more information, please contact with our sale staff.
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