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Car keys canning camera and the special marked cards
2014-03-10 17:38
You may car keys everyday, maybe you have not think about to installed a scanning camera in it. Scanning camera is very small, so others can not found the scanning camera; it works with our special marked cards. It won’t change their appearance at all.

There are many poker cards for you to choose, we introduce a very popular one for you, this poker cards are could work with the car keys scanning camera and here are the playing cards features:
1. Color pattern on the back of cards: red, blue, pink and orange
2. Playing cards Texas hold’em model, 100% plastic
3. The deck contains 52 cards and 2 jokers
4. Card size: 63*88 mm-standard size for poker cards.
There are two ways to process the marked Modiano cards.
Blue cards: marked with big font in the middle (white mark)
Red, pink, orange cards: marked with big font in the middle or small fonts in 4 corners (white or black marks)

The distance of this type of car keys scanning camera is able to reach vary from 10-20 cm to 40-50 cm. It depends on the size of your car keys. The plus is that the whole system is easily to operate – you can turn the camera on and off by pressing only one button. The system can work up to 3 hours without stopping or recharging.
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