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Cooperation poker player work with poker cheating predictor
2014-03-13 17:38
When people use poker cheating device in the casino or home games, many of them like to use the most high-tech cheating device, this device need two or three people work together, it’s high flexible device.

They are cooperating as a team and everyone works in his own range. The take off man is the man who collects the money when the scam takes place. He bets and folds according to the captain’s directives.

The inside man is the employee (casino, clubs, private games, etc.) working for the crew. He provides significant information to the captain.

The support member plays a lesser part in the organization, and the role is more flexible. This person can be a turn, like an attractive woman to distract the surveillance, a relay, which receives a signal from the cheat and sends it to the takeoff man, or an advance man, who finds a sucker.

Collusion is very real and very prominent in the poker game. Many setup servers that only play poker and collude together. There's really no way to detect this.  Casino or other home poker has tried to prevent this, but colluders are constantly adapting.

Whether you are profession poker cheating player or a new one who just know about poker cheating predictor, we have the suitable device for you, we hope to cooperate with you.
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