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Cheating mahjong table is one of cheating device
2014-03-14 17:51
EYE poker cheating center not only supply all kinds of poker card and poker cheating device, but also supply mahjong table, as there are many people like to play mahjong games, we also could put cheating device into mahjong table too.

One year inside parts warranty, life time adjustment & repair videos support the basic configuration is as follows: 1, latest brand copper wire motors design by
Mahjong table INC USA, long term life. (Most use aluminum motors in the market) 2, Cody 18 strings, the Main Board, is currently the most stable motherboard, stable and not crash. (All use 14 strings in the market) 3, anti-corrosion treatment thicker base plate, a permanent does not rust. 4, luxurious stand. 5, thick slit tops, low noise, beautiful appearance. 6,100% ABS material brand new frame, (generally borders are many recycle materials in market).

Newest home ultra-quiet model characteristics. 1, multi-mode motor can automatically adjust the speed according to the mahjong tiles after more than a few features; eliminate the noise to a minimum.
2, the whole motors speed according to mute special proportion with, the shuffle for about 18-28 seconds;
3, closed shuffle barrel, the thickening cloth;
4, using a special manufacturing of Aeronautical Materials mahjong tiles, with ordinary mahjong, low noise characteristics in the collision; 5, the noise is less than 60 db.

 Latest bevel gear, fully enclosed, the balance technology models characterized by. 1, Surrounded by pushing up the cancellation of bevel gear, all-gear drive, more stable.
2, shuffling drums closed, quieter
3, four liters tiles aluminum balance technology, supporting the entire aluminum plate, so the aluminum plate permanent deformation. Brand (Cody) motherboard (many fake Cody motherboard in market) copper wire motors design by Mahjong table Inc USA (Most use aluminum motors in the market) Balance technology, the panel never deformed! Including 2sets Chinese tiles
(Blue & green), American mahjong tiles add $150(blue & green). Weight: 220 pounds. Size: 40x40x30 Inches.

Cheating mahjong table should be customizing, as customers require.  If you need cheating mahjong table, please contact us, I promise these are reasonable product.
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