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Remote dice

Products Name:Remote dice

Products Number:EYED0005


Weight:300g MB


Product Details

    Remote dice, is a kind of dice that fixed with chip should match a board to use. You can fix the board under the table, when you play, throw out the dice, at the same time, press the bottom of the remote, and you can get the point you want. The board size according to your table size to custom.
    You can also send your dice here to process.

   Product Parameters:
     dice  : 8 mm , 10 mm , 12 mm , 14 mm , 16 mm...   
     board : 10*10cm, 20*20cm, 30*30cm, 40*40cm  ...

   Package details:
           dices       : 1 pair ( or according to your request to set )
           board      : 1 pcs
           remote    : 1 pcs

   Made in China
   This device is widely used for private poker party, party gamble, casino, poker match, magic show.


   For more information, please contact the sales staff by the following methods:
   SKYPE : Acefsales1, Acefsales2
   MSN   :


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