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EYE GPS2 Poker Analyzer

Products Name:EYE GPS2 Poker Analyzer

Products Number:EYEA0003


Weight:300g MB


Product Details

   EYE GPS2 poker analyzer, with touch-screen, is visible to see all settings yourself. It can help you to play Texas hold'em ,Omahan games,Blackjack, Pai Gow.... There are more than 15 kinds of Texas Omaha games installed in the analyzer and you can choose the program you want.When on gambling, you just need put the analyzer into pocket.
   Its speaker is fixed in the body, when you exercise on it, you can open the speaker and listen to the result. While when you are on playing, wear earphone.
   It can match all lens wireless wave. If you get this analyzer, you needn't worry about what kind of lens you own.
   Through this analyzer, you can know who will get the best hand, or you will know the deck before upturned.
   You can add or reduce the member of player by the switch on analyzer. Never trouble with how many players there are.
   The analyzer battery can last for 3hours, and you can change the battery yourself when battery will use up.

   Language support:  English & Chinese

   Package details:
            GPS2 analyzer    : 1 pcs
            Battery              : 2 pcs
            charge              : 1 pcs
   This device is widely used for private poker party, party gamble, casino, poker match, magic show.



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