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EYE AKK K20(Golden Ver.)

Products Name:EYE AKK K20(Golden Ver.)

Products Number:EYEA0011


Weight:500g MB


Product Details

   EYE AKK K20(Golden Ver.)poker analyzer, with the outface of Iphone 4S and edge cover with golden color, also the latest poker analyzer. Well stability, and intelligent system with visual operating interface. It doesn't matter if the poker bending, chaotic or acclivitous. When on gambling, you just need put the analyzer into pocket.
   Through this analyzer, you can know who will get the best hand, or you will know the deck before upturned.
   You can add or reduce the member of player by the remote wireless. Never trouble with how many players there are. The game setting use code instead, for example, Texas hold'em is 1004, and you only need to put the 1004 into the analyzer, and it can work as Texas hold'em.
   The analyzer battery can last for 3hours, and you can change the battery yourself.
   You can use it to play Texas hold'em, Omaha hold'em, Pai Gow, Baccarat, Blackjack... and can custom the program according to your require. The different between K20 and K20 (Golden Ver.) is that the K20 (Golden Ver.) has a bluetooth.

   Language support:  English, Chinese

   Package details:
            K20 analyzer    : 1 pcs
            Battery               : 2 pcs
            charge               : 1 pcs
            Speaker            : 1 pcs
            remote              : 1 pcs
   This device is widely used for private poker party, party gamble, casino, poker match, magic show.



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