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Powerful poker analyzer for normal playing cards

Products Name:Powerful poker analyzer for normal playing cards

Products Number:EYEA0018


Weight:250 g MB


Product Details
    HOT!!! Normal cards poker playing cards analyzer come out!

    Many players don't want the cards be porcessed anyway, they only want use normal cards and cheat at poker games. Will they do? Yes, it can do! Normal cards poker analyzer can help you to realize this. It can tell you each poker face you send out, or we can write the program for you, if all the cards send out, it will tell you who is the winner.

    Jubom Index, Small Index all can be read.


Poker analyzer    :  Normal cards poker analyzer
Battery life            :  3 hours
Language            :  Chinese
Battery replaceable


Normal cards poker analyzer       :  1 pcs
Battery                                               :  2 pcs
Charger                                            :  1 pcs
Speaker                                           :  1 pcs

This kind of poker analyzer only need normal poker cards, no matter plastic cards or paper cards, no matter the letter print on the face is big or small.

Normal cards, best cheating analyzer.
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