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The latest K30 poker analyzer

Products Name:The latest K30 poker analyzer

Products Number:EYEA0019


Weight:250 g MB


Product Details
    HOT!!! The latest K30 poker analyzer come out!

    K30 poker analyzer, is better than all analyzer in the world. Smart phone shap, you can use it to make phone call. You can download whatever you want, listen to the music, play games, send message, take photos... and the most important is its powerful analysis ability! Based on AKK poker analyzer, steady system inside, fast speed analysis, no mistake to tell out the result! Not for code enter, you can see the settings obviously! Bluetooth earphone. Remote control, you can add or reduce the player whenever you want!

    The camera lens for K30 is also special, for K30 only! Can not match other poker analyzer in the world! It can help you to cheat at Texas hold'em, Omaha hold'em and many other poker games in the world.


Poker analyzer    :  K30 poker analyzer
Battery life            :  more than 3 hours
Language            :  Chinese
Battery replaceable


K30 poker analyzer       :  1 pcs
Battery                             :  2 pcs
Charger                          :  1 pcs
Bluetooth earphone     :  1 pcs
Remote controller        :  1 pcs

This kind of poker analyzer together with edge marked playing cards with barcode and camera lens can help you to cheat at many poker games, such as Texas hold'em, Omaha hold'em, Showhand and many poker games in the world...You can also ask us to write program for your local poker games.

This is by far the latest poker analyzer in the world, powful analysis capability, will make your cheating wonderful!
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