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  • Iphone cell phone power bank camera lens for poker analyzer ★★★★★

    Date:2015-06-18 16:30:18

    It is Iphone6 (plus) cell phone shell camera. Its battery can last 8 hours. You dont need to worry about you have not enough time to gamble poker games. When its powers off, you can charge it. There are 2 frequencies on the camera, so you ca...

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  • T-shirt button scanning camera lens ★★★★★

    Date:2015-06-18 15:27:17

    As we knowledge, T-shirt is more and more popular in the world. And many designers like designing many kinds of T-shirts. It is a chance for players to use T-shirt button to gamble poker games in the casino. Even if you move poker cards, the...

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  • Different lamps for camera system ★★★★★

    Date:2015-06-17 16:30:02

    There are many kinds of lamps can be used in camera system, and those lamp cameras can be used for seeing back marked cards and one to one marked cards. When you put marked cards under lamp camera, it can monitor all marks on the back of mar...

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  • Secret lamp camera for back marked cards ★★★★★

    Date:2015-01-20 10:50:11

    The camera lens is fixed in Fluorescent lamp. This secret lamp camera can read the back marked cards well. You can see the marks on TV or your cell phone instead of wearing contact lenses. Also, the back marked cards marks can not be seen by...

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  • Belt camera for Mahjong & Domino & Paigow gamble ★★★★★

    Date:2015-01-15 14:08:25

    Do you still use contact lenses to read Mahjong or Domino or Paigow marks? Maybe, it is difficult for you to see the marks. So using belt camera for reading Mahjong or Domino or Paigow marks is a best way. Only the belt camera can help you r...

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  • USB cable camera for poker games ★★★★★

    Date:2015-01-15 14:04:56

    Latest USB cable camera is helpful for poker games. It is a magic thing that it can provide a chance for gambler to cheat at poker games in the casino. As we know, a cell phone always nees to be charged, so USB cable pays a more important ro...

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  • Transparent poker shoe for poker games ★★★★★

    Date:2015-01-15 14:02:10

    Poker shoe is an object made of plastic that is used to hold one or more decks of poker cards without requiring the dealer to hold the deck. And poker cards are well concealed and are retrieved by sliding them out of small crack in the front...

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  • Texas table camera lens for poker analyzer ★★★★★

    Date:2015-01-14 11:32:41

    It is known that, Texas table is used for Texas holdem poker games. But the Texas table can also become a gambling tool. This kind of Texas table has camera lens, and the camera lens works with poker analyzer, players dont need to put someth...

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  • Excellent button zoom camera for poker analyzer ★★★★★

    Date:2015-01-14 11:30:47

    This is latest, useful and excellent camera! The zoom button camera has faced out in the year of 2014. It can scan poker cards immediately, no matter how you put the marked cards. It can also scan poker cards. Wear the T-shirt, and you would...

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  • Emergency lamp long distance camera ★★★★★

    Date:2015-01-14 11:28:41

    It is known that, there are too many emergency lamps in public area. And every exit needs this. If poker table is near the exit, it would provide you a chance to use this long distance camera. We have hidden camera lens into emergency lamp....

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