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Soft Cigarette Case Lens

Products Name:Soft Cigarette Case Lens

Products Number:EYEL0008


Weight:150g MB


Product Details

  Most of gamblers like smoking. We can cheat at the the soft cigarette case. We fix the spy camera into it, and when you are playing cards, just put it onto the table, turn on the power,and let the lens towards the edge marked card deck.
   The spy camera battery can last for 3 hours, single lenses. And the lenses are fixed in the exit of the case. You can get the cigarette out and have a smoke. Distance:20-40 cm
   Packing list:
            cigarette case lens:      1 pcs
            charge:                           1 pcs

   You should send your cigarette here to process.
   This device is widely used for private poker party, party gamble, casino, poker match, magic show.



   For more information, please contact the sales staff by the following methods:
   SKYPE : Acefsales1, Acefsales2
   MSN   :


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