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Shuffler for Baccarat cheating

Products Name:Shuffler for Baccarat cheating

Products Number:EYES0002




Product Details
There are a variety of shufflers in the casino. Dealers always use it for Baccarat poker games to shuffle poker cards instead of hand shuffling. The shuffler can shuffle one deck, 2decks or 4decks. And our company has fixed fiber lens into it. The fiber lenses can scan poker face and turn it into digital number and send to cell phone or computer. At last, you would know who will win at poker games.
You can use normal poker cards. It doesn’t need to have marked cards. You can use it anytime when you need. So you don’t need to send you poker cards to us and mark poker cards by yourself.
For the short distance, there are shuffler, cell phone and remote controller. And for distance, there are shuffler, cell phone, other cell phone, remote controller and TV or computer.
Choose cheating shuffler, and you can use battery or DC directly. Also, you can choose what you want.

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