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Transparent poker shoe for poker games

Products Name:Transparent poker shoe for poker games

Products Number:EYEC0048




Product Details
Poker shoe is an object made of plastic that is used to hold one or more decks of poker cards without requiring the dealer to hold the deck. And poker cards are well concealed and are retrieved by sliding them out of small crack in the front of the poker shoe. The reasons for that, the poker shoe can provide a chance for gamblers to cheat at poker games.
There is a camera lens fixed inside the transparent poker shoe. And the transparent poker shoe works with side marked cards. After shuffling poker cards and the dealer put poker cards into the poker shoe, the transparent poker shoe can scan the marked cards and send the signal to the poker analyzer. At the same time, the poker analyzer will tell you the results by earphones.
Our transparent poker shoe is very useful for poker games, especially Baccarat poker games and Blackjack poker games. No one can find you are gambling poker games. If you are interested in it, please contact us by Skype!

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