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  • Watch lens ★★★☆☆

    Date:2013-04-26 19:11:44

    A spy camera fixed into watch chain buckle, elegant appearance, operating easy, you can set time with this watch as usual. The spy camera battery can last for 2 hours, single lens. Distance:10-15 cm 30-45 cm, you can choose. Packing list: w...

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    Date:2013-04-25 18:24:09

    A cup can fill water, and can fix a spy camera in. This is transparent cup lens for analyzer system with . The spy camera battery can last for 3hours, single lens. Distance:30-50 cm. Packing list: transparent cup lens:1 pcs remote: 1 pcs ch...

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  • PHILIPS LENS ★★★★★

    Date:2013-04-24 18:17:46

    This is a kind of spy phone with camera lenses fixed in. While you are playing cards, put the phone on the table, let the lens towards to the poker, turn on the power and then it can work. Philips lens can be fixed single lens or double len...

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  • Water dispenser lens ★★★★★

    Date:2013-04-23 18:30:13

    Water dispenser lens is suit for the poker analyzer with edge marked poker cards. It is very reasonable to put a water dispenser into casino cause everybody needs drink water. We just fix the HD camera lens into the water dispenser. You can...

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