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Blue lens one to one sunglasses for marked cards

Products Name:Blue lens one to one sunglasses for marked cards

Products Number:EYEC0053


Weight:10 g MB


Product Details
    More and more people use contact lenses and its marked cards to cheat at poker games. If you feel that around you some one may use the contact lenses, and you are worry about be found by others, what should you do? Yes, we have better contact lenses / sunglasses with marked cards. This kind of marked cards can not be seen by red contact lenses, only can be seen by our blue contact lenses! It is very safe for you to cheat at the game. Nothing needs to be worried about. Also, the marked cards can not be seen by any camera lens.   

PARAMETERS for Contact lenses
Lens diameter  : 13.8 mm
Center thickness : 0.09 mm (-3.00D pm)
Center wideness : 4mm, 7mm, 9mm
Base curve     : 8.4 mm
Oxygen permeability coeffcient: 9.5DK
Material: PMMA has been ester hydroxy
Diopter: -1.00D - 10.00D
             (-6.00D 0.50D above each level)
Parameters for Sunglasses
Sunglasses is used to check the cards’ quality. It is just a normal sunglasses shape.
Sunglasses.   :  1 set
The latest sunglasses and the best sunglasses to help you cheat at poker game. You can use it to cheat at Texas hold’em, Omaha, Omaha hi-low, Showhand, Baccarat, Blackjack and so on. Very safe and effect good.
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