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Contact Lenses for Marked Cards 5

Products Name:Contact Lenses for Marked Cards 5

Products Number:EYEC0005


Weight:350g MB


Product Details

  Contact lenses for back marked poker, is invisible. When you wear it, just like wear nearsightedness contact lenses, others could not know you wear something. And we do the mark on the back of poker by special ink, without the contact lenses, you can see nothing, while you are wearing the lenses, you can see the mark clearly.
   In order to see the marks clearly, we suggest you that use the under the fluorescent lamp. If you want to use it under the sunshine, please tell us advance, cause the poker should be processed specially.

   Product Parameters:
     Lens diameter: 13.8 mm
     Center thickness: 0.07 mm (-3.00D pm)
     Center wideness: 5mm, 7mm, 9mm
     Base curve: 8.4 mm
     Oxygen permeability coeffcient: 9.0DK
     Material: PMMA has been ester hydroxy
     Registration No.: Medicines (Approved)
     Mild pliable, Cosy does not there is not irritate, Your optics circle the most the most respectful step of produce.

   Package details:
           Contact lenses    : 1 pair
   Made in USA
   This device is widely used for private poker party, party gamble, casino, poker match, magic show.


   For more information, please contact the sales staff by the following methods:
   SKYPE : Acefsales1, Acefsales2
   MSN   :

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