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Plastic side marked cards for poker analyzer

Products Name:Plastic side marked cards for poker analyzer

Products Number:EYEM0036




Product Details
The best plastic side marked cards are suitable for poker analyzer.
Many players like using poker analyzer system, but they still worry about the safety of side marked cards because it is very short time for them to play a poker game and the poker cards marks are easy to notice. Besides, the edge poker cards need to be cut, so it will not look like original poker cards. Have you ever had these problems? And do you want to have best marked cards for poker gambling cheat? Our company will satisfy your needs.
Our marked cards details:
  1. It can not be seen by naked eyes, only the camera can read the marks.
  2. The plastic side marked cards are original poker cards. It doesn’t need to cut the side or polish the edge. It is very smooth.
  3. It can work for a long time, and you can use the side marked cards a half month in the opening air.
  4. The barcode is clear. You can use very fast poker analyzer to read the side marked cards.
If you are a professional dealer or player, you can not find the difference between side marked cards and original poker cards. The side marked cards are very safe for gamblers. With this side marked cards, no one will find the marked cards’ problems. Now please feel free to play the poker games and win your money!

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