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Invisible ink and pen for IR camera lens and contact lenses

Products Name:Invisible ink and pen for IR camera lens and contact lenses

Products Number:EYEO0010


Weight:10 g MB


Product Details
Do you want to mark cards yourselves? Don’t you think that send cards to China to processing is expensive and time is very long? Also, do you worry about the cards can not be sent out from your country? DONOT worry now, EYE Poker Cheating Center helps you to solve all theses your problems. The invisible ink and pen can help you write on any cards yourself! Use our IR camera lens and you can see the mark clearly! Also, the ink can help you mark red cards for contact lenses under yellow light! Very useful and helpful under any lights any room. Before you play cards, write the mark on the cards, it is OK. Easy, simple, convenience!

IR invisible ink: DIY ink and pen.
Pen    :  1 pcs
Pen    :  1 pcs
Ink    :  10 ml
This ink is used for any cards under any lights with IR camera lens! It can help you to do magic show, play card game and so on.
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