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  • Iphone5 (s) camera for poker predictor ★★★★★

    Date:2015-01-13 09:57:00

    Iphone5 (s) camera is the latest practical product to scan marked cards. Different from other suppliers, we have fixed a HD camera lens inside the Iphohe5 (s) and it will make your scanning system response more quickly and accurately. This i...

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  • TV long distance camera for poker soothsayer ★★★★★

    Date:2015-01-13 09:54:31

    A HD camera lens is fixed into a TV on the wall that can scan barcode marked cards, edge marked cards and side marked cards easily. The scanning distance is from 1m to 6m that is long enough for requirement of gamblers. After scanning poker...

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  • Russian roulette for cheating games ★★★★★

    Date:2015-01-09 14:45:04

    There are many types of gamblers in the world. But playing Russian roulette games is very easy and funny game. And players are not hard to win this game. Many players want to win a lot of money in the casino by playing this kind of game. But...

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  • Iphone software with original poker cards ★★★★★

    Date:2015-01-09 14:30:08

    The latest software for iphone has been launched on the market. Using the built-in camera lens of iphone to scan original poker cards and then you can know poker cards suits and points one by one. With the help of this software, players can...

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  • Royal elegant watch camera for poker cheat ★★★★★

    Date:2015-01-08 15:19:02

    This is our company latest product that is called Royal elegant watch camera, which can help players win a lot of money in the casino. The Royal elegant watch features modern design, good quality leather and slim watchband. A hidden camera l...

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  • Royal Classical clock camera for marked cards ★★★★★

    Date:2015-01-08 15:16:26

    Royal classical clock camera is suitable for poker analyzer or back marked cards. This kind of clock camera is different other cameras. Its power is provided by AC. This hidden poker camera lens can be fixed inside a clock in two different w...

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  • Plastic side marked cards for poker analyzer ★★★★★

    Date:2015-01-07 16:41:08

    The best plastic side marked cards are suitable for poker analyzer. Many players like using poker analyzer system, but they still worry about the safety of side marked cards because it is very short time for them to play a poker game and the...

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  • Texas holdem cheating software ★★★★★

    Date:2015-01-07 15:46:25

    Do you always use poker analyzer or IR contact lenses or sunglasses to cheat at Texas holdem poker games? Today, you can use Texas holdem cheating software to gamble at poker games. Using this software, you would see every players hand and f...

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  • Black box long distance camera for poker analyzer ★★★★★

    Date:2015-01-06 15:29:04

    It is a long distance camera lens which is fit for cheating Texas holdem, Omaha, Blackjack and other kinds of poker games. The black box long distance camera works with box appearance, a poker analyzer, a remote controller, an earphone and P...

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  • X-ray scanning system for dice cheat ★★★★★

    Date:2015-01-06 13:48:53

    X-ray scanning system includes X-ray scanning camera, TV display and transmitter. It can be used in small casino games and private room or clubs. X-ray scanning system is very convenient and simple way to gamble dice game. Use X-ray scanning...

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