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  • EYE GPS1 integrated analyzer ★★★★★

    Date:2013-05-16 18:24:04

    Lens and analyzer are in the same place hided in the sumsung cell phone. You can put the phone on the table, and turn the power on, set the program you want, then put the edge marked poker in front of the lens, thats OK. You will know the r...

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  • Induction dice ★★★★★

    Date:2013-05-11 17:31:19

    Induction dice, is a kind of dice that fixed with chip can send wireless singal out. You need put the vibrator on your body and if you guess the dice point odd or not. If odd, it will have one shake, if not, no shaking. You can cover a bowl...

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  • Mercury dice ★★★★☆

    Date:2013-05-11 17:27:52

    Mercury dice, is a kind of dice that filled with little mercury. You can get the point you want by a little skill. For example, a pair of ONE up, throw out, and you will get the 3 or 7 or 11 points. There is only a little mercury filled in,...

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  • Pin hole camera lens system ★★★★★

    Date:2013-05-10 17:43:22

    Pin hole camrea lens system, wildly used in casino all over the world as the first choice cheating device, can see the back marked poker clearly. The first generation pin hole camera lens, with black filter, is developed 5 years ago. The se...

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  • Speaker ★★★★★

    Date:2013-05-10 17:40:56

    When you play cards using cheating device and there are more then two person to co-operate, you should use vibrator or speaker to know the result. How does it work? First wear an earphone into the ear and the put the trasmitte into you pock...

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  • Remote Vibrator ★★★★★

    Date:2013-05-10 17:38:45

    This is a kind of vibrator used in gambling when more then two gambler to coperation. Let me take the Baccarat for example: When we play Baccarat, we only need to know who will get the better hand, banker or spectator. Lets take banker as A...

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  • Marked mahjong illuminat ink ★★★★★

    Date:2013-05-10 17:35:25

    This mahjong is marked by illuminat ink on two or three sides. You can not see the mark without our contact lenses. This is suit for playing under the fluorescent lamp. You can send your own mahjong tiles here to process. This device is wid...

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  • Wallet lens ★★★★★

    Date:2013-05-10 17:31:48

    Take some money to gamble is a familiar thing. And you may alway let the money into the wallet. So when you play games, put the wallet onto the table, there is a spy camera into the wallet and let it toward the edge marked cards. With analy...

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  • Automatic Dice Cup ★★★★★

    Date:2013-05-09 17:42:59

    We can see this automatic dice cup in casino. It is automatic when you press the start bottom. We cheat in the cup and dice, when play, you press the remote and the dice will stop at the point you want. The dice need be processed. Package d...

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  • Monitor Bowl for Dice ★★★★★

    Date:2013-05-09 17:40:24

    This is a bowl or dish or cup, when you guess the dices odd or double, you should let the bowl cover over the dice. We hide the spy mini camera into the bowl / dish / cup, and then a monitor like cell phone or monitor, when you play, turn o...

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