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Transparent ashtray spy camera lens for poker analyzer
2013-07-27 16:07

You may know that ashtray can be seen here and there. And when you are a somker, there must be a ashtray near you. Do you think a transparent ashtray can be done as a cheating device for poker gambling? We can do. We hide the camera lens into the bottom of the transparent ashtray, and when you are playing the poker game, you should let the camera lens face toward the edge marked cards, when the cam scan on the cards, it will immediately send the values to the analyzer and you will know the result within 0.3s

The hidden camera lens is HD one, and you can use the lens no matter whether there is a light in the casino. This type of camera lens is single one, there is only one lens hidden into the ashtray. We can also fix double lenses and four lenses into the transparent ashtray, the scan area will be wider.

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